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I can help you
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Nell Archer

I am a psychic channel. I connect up directly to your Soul Guides and get information from them to help your life journey.

We can ask any questions on any topic, as well as do mediumship, animal communication, trance, and I also have a strong gift for medical intuition & healing. I use tarot cards for individual readings. 


With a reputation spanning over 20 years of professional psychic work - on TV, radio, print media, investigative, workshops, and stage presentations. 

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Near Death Experiences 

Nell was psychic as a child but after she experienced her NDE's she became even more so.


Nell is able to bring a greater perspective from her lucid memories of being in spirit and a greater dimensional state when she was out of body while under medical resuscitation.


She is a passionate teacher of all things intuitive, teaching classes on just about every psychic and metaphysical topic. From weekly Zoom classes at only $25pp to weekend workshops for intensive learning, Nell makes it fresh, fast, fun, and practical to unveil your innate abilities.  

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The Beeswax Muse Candles 
by Alice May 

Intuitive White Wiccan products created to help you awaken and empower the magic within you. Alice May has followed a Wiccan spiritual path from a very young age, with remarkable psychic, clairvoyant, claircognizant, and manifesting gifts.

Working with the magical creation energies of nature, the moon, sabbats, and the power of all things, Alice May hand makes energised products to empower your own magic intentions.

Alice May is a psychic, Raven Tarot reader, artist, sculptor, and creative. Everything she does is an art and everything she creates is powerful and unique.

Products include pure beeswax candles for different energy purposes, teas for magic and healing intentions, and gift packs. 

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Finding You

A psychic reading is a way to reconnect to yourself, know your way forward, know what you really want, how to clear your way, calm your doubts, heal your heart, and empower your future. Most of all a good reading will bring you back to trust your own knowing and reignite that self-belief you may have lost through the challenges in life. 

Canberra Psychic Centre has a 5 star Google rating and  5 star Facebook rating 

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