Opposing views

Yes, even those who vax or don’t vax are lovable!

Falling back in love with our own abandoned bits of self means we have to bump into them in other people. And gee are we smashing into each other atm!

”Fighting darkness and “fighting fear” are big slogans around right now. But let me tell you what you’re really doing when you go there - you’re choosing to fight, hate & attack the traumatised inner child in you that wants to come home.

Would you loathe a scared child who had an opposing view to you? Would you rally against it or visualise pushing it away? Would you reject and abandon it?

Because the opposing views of you and the other are just an expression of the SAME wound. Yes, the very same trauma but dealt with in an opposite expression. The other person has extreme emotional methods of working with their wound that you need to take on a little, and vice versa.

And the more you’re triggered by them the more you have abandoned this part of yourself.

So you see that what you need is immersion and learning from them. Not fighting - because your inner child is asking for you to do more of what the opposition does to heal.

Your wounded terrified child is asking for your open welcome arms and unconditional self love. But we don’t even know what we’re rejecting so it has to show up in others.

Some of your own light is in darkness, but displayed overtly in them- so omg you need to BE a little more LIKE THEM!

There is no way to fight darkness. We can only turn on the light.

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