UPDATE- the end of 2021 - 2025 .

"The time of reckoning is upon us" - what does that mean? It means that this is the last incarnation (lifetime) you will have to complete your karma and get off the karmic wheel before the world divides into higher and lower consciousness options. Every single person alive today is choosing now! Choosing which world into which they will be reborn - either the wheel of chaos/disease/war/struggle and ever repeating lessons OR the world of harmony, empathy, connection, higher awareness, and heart. "Blessed are the Meek- for they shall inherit the Earth" - whatever you do, CHOOSE aware love! Love does not mean sacrificing yourself! It may also mean boundaries, leaving others behind, finishing lifetimes of drama with a reincarnating soul who keeps abusing you & stealing your energy, and consequently wrapping you in chains of suffering, trapping you to the wheel of karma- to be dragged back into another life just to repeat the same trauma story with the same soul all over again ...and again ...and again...until you decide to end the play. Until you decide to take the adult role and know you can't keep playing with a broken child anymore. Meek does NOT mean victim! MEEK DOES NOT MEAN VICTIM! It means putting your identity clown role away to hold your grace, bravery, and re-grasp that self-belief to finally let go of your need to have the opposing character of the perpetrator in your circus tent. You can't wait for those who choose to stay in their child-wound roles. There is no time. It will only get harder and harder with them now. Harder and harder to leave them behind. Why do we keep up these cycles? Victim/bully/rescuer are roles we play, pretending to be righteous, thinking we are without choice, believing ourselves to be unaware of the options to step out of the game. Drama gives us an escape from our lost souls and from sensing the depth of pain, and the utter abandonment we've done to our own inner child. But you are not unaware! You have to do so much work to keep your mind busy enough to ignore the blaring awareness, your inner kid screaming for your own love. But you feel like you are alone and so that drama triangle gives you lots of interaction with others. It keeps you and them engaged and connected. Even though it is painful at times, well, it's better than being alone right?

You are so fearful to become alone enough to feel the truth - the truth that you are a sacred, sentient, sovereign being. That you are a brave extension of GOD/SOURCE/UNIVERSAL/LIGHT. ALL you have to do is stop playing drama roles long enough to REALISE that! Stop opposing one another long enough to realise your nemesis is YOU. You can decide to do that now. Just realize you have had enough and Decide!

The last breath you take in this life will be your doorway to the next world. Your Soul is choosing now. You have been given the gift of free will. You asked for this gift because you chose sentient independence. You chose to be in this world at this great time of evolution. You chose to have what gods have - the responsibility of outcomes of your own choices. Your decisions, actions, & choices between now and your death will set the next 1000 or so years of your incarnations.

So start this new year by identifying and letting go of your opposing views. Stop perpetuating the circus, step out of the sandpit and take off those ridiculous big clown shoes- those ones you were given in childhood. Step into your adult and aware heart, wrap your inner child in your big adult aware arms and tell her you will never ignore her bleeding heart ever again. Take constructive action - that may be put up respectful boundaries, end cycles of relationships that drag you backward, LET THEM GO, stop worrying about codependent pleasing of others at your Soul's expense, walk away from illusions of being trapped in uncontrollable circumstances, or horrible jobs, or horrible bosses, and let go of the fight. You are only there because you have not yet decided to stop your role in the circus drama triangles. Because the fear of leaving the fight makes you feel like you might end up alone. Heaven forbid - you might even step out alone and shine!!!

When you do leave the drama role - you will at first feel empty, lost of a purpose because that role has been your fight for so long. Like Dorothy - you will then realize the whole big journey destination was there all along. You will have the space, the nirvana, the emptiness to feel it, to realize you have your own sparkly soul shoes that can walk directly through your biggest FEAR to an unparalleled fulfilled authentic passionate purpose and presence of heart.

Step forward with your naked soul, claim your place in the evolution of heart based "Christ consciousness", and become the shiner of light on earth that your soul always wanted to be!

Time is nigh, every year it will be harder to let go of your old patterns, your old karma, to leap off that wheel. We are 2 years in now. Just a couple more weeks of 2021 but 6 more years of huge trials on earth. The battle between light and dark, and the armies of both sides will be marshaled to their very peak of testing in next year. Those trials are here to see who will fight from the heart and who chooses to defect back to fear. Over these years you will be tested, triggered by your very biggest most dreaded fears, to see if you can still choose light. Then after 6 more years, most of us will have chosen sides and there will be 30 more years of war between light and dark, but the Rainbow Warriors will grow up and fearlessly bring recovery.

2020 - year of fear of realization of physical death and destruction. The first year of armageddon, the ending of karmic earth, the first year of the returning of Christ/Heart consciousness. Choice of responsibility of accepting physical life as a finite journey or panic of running from death concept.

2021 - year of chaos, unpredictability, the huge economic war has begun, between nations and classes, contrasts form, opposition, delusion, power control versus embracing fear. Choice - take responsibility to adapt to chaos or fall under our resistance to immovable circumstances

2022 - year of potential healing but it brings awareness of very damaged societies, homeland and environmental stress. The crises energy from our minds manifests into the global identity and resources and we realize that the earth and other peoples are not separate from us. Family and wellbeing of "home" land and personal homes and trauma and abuse become an issue. Choice - take responsibility for global interactive outcomes and sharing of resources or go into fearful self-protective hoarding until resources are gone. Choice - families and governments become aware of destructive hereditary patterns and make changes or fight against the responsibility of change.

2023- year of consciousness thought/heart crises- mental health, addictions, and need for deeper spiritual meaning come to a diabolical head. We can no longer ignore the gigantic global drug addiction epidemic, suicide rates, depression and anxiety levels, and its impact of destruction on society. Choice between finding spiritual and or creative connection or falling into addiction destruction endpoint outcomes.

2024 - year of power & economic distribution revolution - a global power rises to take charge and world leadership is offered. The choice between surrendering to a world governance, economic collapse, finding ways to choose and support a wholesome way forward for humanity or fight for scattered opposing independent factional groups.

2025 - year of breaking down the giants of traditional power, & economic control. Choice between heart-wrenching determined bravery of standing up for what is right, humane, and moral in the world or taking the easy option of submitting to take part in mass human destruction (eg like the genocide of jews in Hilter's times). Each individual has a choice to stand in power or submit to economic fear.

No matter what happens - There is ALWAYS an option for love. And it ALWAYS starts with loving compassion for yourself. No matter what happens there will always be an option for a path to joy, but it may be through a choice that your shadow self has decided is not acceptable for you. Choose it anyway! Time is speeding up. Now is comparatively the easiest time you will have to choose heart, self-care, self-healing, and walking away from old destructive trauma drama patterns. Love is hanging tangibly in the air, amongst the chaos, waiting for you to breathe it in like life itself. Breath deep, let go of your fear, and choose... You might feel like you're going to die from the fear of letting go - but you can never die. You are eternal and you are loved beyond anything you can imagine. Love you xo

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